In new season, one more player will defend the color of UMMC, -  Liam Pitchford, number 15 in WR.

He is 26 years old. He took part in his first Olympic games in Rio in 2016, and was among 32 strongest players.

He helped British National team to become a bronze medalist in team World Championships in 2016. In 2018, he became World Cup bronze medalist in team.

Liam Pitchford in the 2020 ITTF World Tour Platinum Qatar Open became men’s singles silver medalist, losing only to Fan Zhendong 2:4.

In Semi-final he won with the same score another Chinese player Xu Xin.

Last season Liam played for TTC «Roskilde».

The contract is signed till the end of the season 2020-2021.

Liam Pitchford:

“I’ve decided to join the UMMC Club, because it is a big club, one of the best in Europe, which always fight for the victory in Champions League Men.

For me, being strong athlete, the aim is to win this tournament. And it is with UMMC I can do it, we have big chances for the victory.

I know Jonathan Groth very well, we used to train together in Germany when we were young. Last 2 years we have been training in Copenhagen together, he said me a lot good things about the club, so I decided to join UMMC with pleasure”.


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