UMMC won in Germany

25 January UMMC played its first quarterfinal match with Post SV Muhlhausen in Germany. Our tennis
players won 3 points to 2.

Andrej Gacina successfully started his match and won first two games 11:6. Our Croatian player
confidently started his third game 4:1, and it seemed he would win again, but the coach of the German
team called time out, after that Habesohn won Andrej 11:8. Austrian player managed to win only one
game. Forth game won Andrej 11:8.

As for Fang Bo, from the very beginning his match started unsuccessfully, first game won Lubomir
Jancaric. Then Chinese player pulled himself together and showed his skills. He didn’t give his rival a
chance and won 11:3. Third game was with a tie score, but finally Fang Bo won 12:10. In forth game
player of Muhlhausen club was ahead 10:6 and ready to celebrate the victory, but Vice-Champion of
China managed to win this match 15:13.

Jonathan Groth started rather well and won Ionescu 11:8. Second game he lost 9:11. Third game Groth
won 11:4, then lost 7:11. Fifth game was very unexpected - 1:11, Jonathan couldn’t stand against
Romanian player.

Match score was in favor of UMMC team 2:1, and Fang Bo started his match against Habesohn.
He won only one game, the rest won Daniel. Match score 2:2 and Andrej again came to the table.
Andrej showed his real combativity. In spite of the fact that player of Muhlhausen club with the strong
support of spectators was spoiling for the victory, our player managed to take control over the game.
Only once he lost a game to Jancaric and finished this match 3:1.

The second quarterfinal match will be in Verkhnaya Pyshma on 8 of February.


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