Program for development of children’s sport

Since 2011 the project “Support of development of table tennis in the cities where the UMMC enterprises are located” is being implemented in cooperation with the UMMC enterprises and City Administrations.

Geography of the project:

12 cities at the start of the project, in 2017 the number of cities increased to 15 (Nevyansk, Chelyabinsk and Shadrinsk were added).

Aim of the project:

Involve children into sports on a regular basis. Create best possible conditions for children to achieve best sports results, to identify the top calibre tennis players among young athletes.

Реализация проекта:

City administrations provide facilities to organize specialized table tennis halls and provide training process. UMMC enterprises allocate funds for sports halls renovation and organization of children’s participation in training and tournament activities. Table Tennis Club UMMC equips sports halls with specialized table tennis equipment, provides practical and methodic guidance of the training process, organize specialized clinics with participation of leading players and coaches of the Club.



  • 6 sports halls were renovated and 14 sports halls were equipped with specialized table tennis equipment including the equipment that was used at the European Championships 2015 in Ekaterinburg,
  • 1 700 play table tennis on a regular basis, 
  • more than 700 children play table tennis in the kindergartens of Verkhnaya Pyshma,
  • more than 250 young athletes from the cities where UMMC enterprises are located participated in the summer training camp in the town of Gai in Orenburg region in 2015 and 2016. This summer 200 children will participate in training activities in the children’s camp “Solnechnaya Gorka”.
  • For the second year in a row, the children’s tournament “Step into Future” is being organized and staged in the cities where UMMC-holding enterprises are located. 160 children compete in singles, doubles and team competitions.
  • Annual financing for the project is more than 20 million rubles. 

Concept of program implementation:



Mechanism of program implementation in the operation system of the Table Tennis UMMC 

The program entails:

  • increase and promote interest to sports in general and table tennis in particular;
  • create conditions for development of table tennis as professional sport;
  • develop table tennis as sport for all, popularize physical activity among people;
  • promote sports and physical activity in the cities where UMMC enterprises are located;
  • involve people, priority given to children and youth, in physical activity through cooperation with children’s sport schools in the cities where UMMC enterprises are located;
  • organization of clinics for young athletes and coaching seminars.