Tatiana Kutergina
Nationality: Российская Федерация   Date of birth: 14.07.1957

Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, multiple winner of the USSR and European Championships. Head coach of the Table Tennis Club UMMC. Under the guidance of Tatiana Kutergina, the Club proved to be the best team in Russia in the years 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2017 and won European Cup in 2013.

World Champion in mixed doubles with Stanislav Gomozkov (1975)

Bronze medalist of the World Championship in singles and in doubles with Elmira Antonyan (1975)

European Champion 1976

Champion of the USSR 1974-1976

In the period from 1975 till 1978 she won the following awards at the USSR Championships:

4 Gold medals

2 Silver medals

In 1983 she became the Absolute Champion at the Russian Federation Spartakiad.

  Coaches UMMC  

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Vladimir Varzakov

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Аndrey Kulkov

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Tatiana Kutergina